5 Best Free Apps for Kids – To Save you this summer!

5 Best Free Apps for Kids – To Save you this summer!

by Aimlesslee

I think we can all agree that while we aren’t stuck in the kitchen making lunches, pulling our hair out helping with homework, or struggling to get the kids in bed on time… Summer holidays still suck. The kids are hot, sticky, and smell of this really nice mixture of bug spray and sunscreen (I swear there is an oil slick of sunscreen now permanently encrusted around my bathtub from now until September). I also believe that us parents need a break…(or that’s what I say to myself while passing out tablets one by one so I can have a chocolate bar in the bathroom without sharing). So here it is fellow Mom Tribe, a list of 5 of the Best Free Apps that are mildly education (you can thank me later) and could save you from losing your mind the next 8 weeks (go eat your chocolate bar in the bathroom Mama!)

Infographic of the 5 Best Summer Apps

1. YouTube Kids

I feel like this is a no-brainer but it is a very worthy number 1. You can control settings to protect your children from the world, and the world from your children.

Before YouTube Kids my oldest would come into the kitchen to tell me what Lions hunt and I wasn’t prepared for that conversation at her age so…. Thanks YouTube Kids!

2. WhatsApp Messenger

This app has been great for my oldest who is working on her reading and writing skills. We have Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents and trusted friends adding their list and they can text as well as video call all for free. My girls have been known to call and ask for sleepovers, which is adorable. It’s also handy to keep in touch with relatives who live far away, or when a loved one is at work. A big favorite in our house!

3. Pinterest

Yes, Pinterest, you did read t

hat right in a list for kids. If they are pinning foods they want to try, snacks, desserts, crafts they want to do or anything else it is a win in my house. Nothing is worse than setting up an amazing Pinterest craft you’ve found. Buying all the supplies, setting up the biggest table you can find, bringing the kids in and they go …”ugh, okay whatever”. Clearly, they weren’t as thrilled as you about making the perfect owl card with 6 different kinds of sparkly bits.

4. Toca Life: World

It can be best described as a Sims game for kids. They can customize their own player, try different story lines, build, create and explore. This is not as educational as the others on the list but very entertaining for the tiny humans.

5. Seek by iNaturalist

It is an app for identifying then describing the wildlife around you using your phones camera. This app would be great for weekend camping trips, holidays you and your family might be taking this summer and even day outings to the park or wherever you choose to venture!

Well parental units, that’s my family grand list of App must haves this summer. Let me what you think if you give them a try and if you can think of any others…help a Mama out in the comments. May the odds be ever in your favor this Summer!

Summer Lovin’, Love Me

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