My Story

Hi! I’m Aimlesslee. Thanks for stopping by.

My story is much different than most. I started dating a boy shortly before my 19th birthday, thank goodness things were going well and he’s a good man because, a short 6 months later we found out we were having baby. Long story short, fast forward 10 stressful and interesting years and we have 2 beautiful children, a home, and we just celebrated 3 years married.

While being a Mama is amazing, it also comes with the everyday stress. Over the past 10 years I have been diagnosed with PPD, anxiety, and a minor heart issue. Because of all that I really like to focus on my own self care, both mentally and physically. Knowing that I am at my peak mentally means that I am a better mother in the long run. Taking care of yourself first is extremely important. Being selfish is not a bad thing.

I also work full time, work is crazy, busy, tough to organize but amazingly fun every single day. I run my own company from home and its tough, demanding, yet so rewarding! #Girlboss made me re-think my priorities and now I am back in school for another amazing opportunity for success. Studying is a pain in the ass but I know it will be well worth it in the end.

So follow along on my crazy journey that is life. Maybe enjoy a laugh or two (at my expense, my own fault understandably) and possibly learn a little something along the way!