How to Buckle Down and Stop Procrastinating!

How to Buckle Down and Stop Procrastinating!

Let’s face it, studying sucks ass. You have to shut the world out and focus on one textbook, or one set of notes and buckle in for some brain pains. We all have the habit of focusing on cleaning, or scrolling through social media so stop procrastinating!! What if I told you that you can get into a groove? What if you could ace the test with less stress? Here are a few on my own stress busting study tips that I swear by. (PS. You can do it, it’s worth all the hard work in the end)

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Shutting out the world

This is the hardest part of you ask me. Getting into the mindset that this is what needs to be done right now. Ignoring the fact that the bathroom could be cleaned, or that dishes need to be done or whatever else you are thinking about.

The truth of it all is that none of that matters. The dishes can be done later, the bathroom will still be there in a half hour. You need to be selfish! You deserve to learn and grow. You deserve a better, more fulfilling life through bettering yourself.

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Try some of these tips to get into the right mindset, stop procrastinating and get going!

    Remind yourself why you are doing this. Why did you start the program? What are your goals at the end of all this? Do you have a grade goal (A’s are a tough goal but completely doable!)
    Ask yourself what the most important thing is RIGHT NOW. Is it more important to be doing meaningless daily tasks or growing and learning?
    What gets you motivated? Is it a good playlist with uplifting music? Is it a podcast? A documentary maybe? Or even a quick look on Pinterest for study motivation? Whatever works, do it. Taking 5-10 minutes to get your thoughts organized and getting into a great frame of mind
    Where should you study? I used to study on the couch with all my books, binders and textbooks in front of me. I did this for a year before realizing, I’m just turning on the TV. (I know, I’m extremely stupid) So, I moved my desk so I can’t look at the TV I organized all my notes and binders under my desk and that’s where I go now. I went from averaging 70% to 80-90% range. Shocking haha!
    Force yourself to get 15 minutes in. Chances are, if you can force yourself into a 10-15 minute study session, you will forget about the other things and then be more encouraged to get another 15 minutes. Because let’s face it, 15 minutes is better than nothing!
    Make a study planner, organizer or calendar. These have saved my grades! I have a study planner and keep my tasks organized in my planner. Looking at due dates, assignments and goals all in one place reminds you of what really needs to get done and what can wait another day or two
    Figure out what type of learner you are. Are you a visual learner? An auditory learner? Reading/writing learner? Knowing how best you learn and absorb the information and then implementing the proper ways of learning (listening to audio files, brainstorming, drawing guides for a specific topic) can really change how easy studying can be for you.

Try any or all of these things to get yourself moving, stop procrastinating and actually get studying (instead of falling into a YouTube black hole). If you have any tips that have helped you, let me know! The truth is, we all need help, we can’t be perfect all of the time!

Much Love and Luck,

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