Just A Little Bit About Me At Aimlesslee

Short but sweet, just a little bit about me at Aimlesslee… longer version ->http://www.aimlesslee.com/about-me

I’ve been given the privilege to be the Mama of two beautiful little girls who test my patience on an hourly basis. I work from home full time and I am also studying (should be full time but… life). Now decided to add blogging into the mix, you know, because life isn’t busy enough.

I have always enjoyed writing, moving forward with this, that is my only goal with my blog. To write for myself and if anyone else can connect with me then that will just make my heart smile.

Follow along with someone who is stubborn, kind, loving, strong willed, and a little smart ass-y. So come along on the journey, it is a crazy one but it is great.

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