‘Just Lock Yourself In the Bathroom’ and avoid Mama Meltdown

just lock yourself in the bathroom

You might think I’m kidding but the best piece of advice I have ever received was “When you feel overwhelmed just lock yourself in the bathroom and avoid Mama meltdown!”. I laughed out loud when I was told this. Until my kids were 6 and 2 years old. My 6 year old was over tired and running circles around the house crying over a mixture of ‘I am tired’ and ‘Why won’t you answer my 5,000th question Mama?’. Where my 2 year old was just crying, no joke, for hour 3.

Parenting Sucks at Times

I think we can all be honest with ourselves and admit that parenting is overwhelming, tiring, taxing and sometimes just a royal pain in the ass. They are tiny little humans who rely on you for guidance, love, respect, food, drinks, help, fun, and about a million other things. That is a shit ton of responsibility to put on two people! (or one… how in the fuck you single mothers are surviving. I give you all the respect and virtual hugs in the world) No matter the situation, we all need a break sometimes to avoid the dreaded Mama meltdown. Come on people… these little buggers follow us into the bathroom and ask us what we are doing whilst obviously sitting on the throne. Ugh!

Take a Fucking Break!!

This is where my darling Aunt comes in for the win with the best advice ever given to me. Just lock yourself in the bathroom. She is dead serious and I understand now. The kids were screaming, crying and whiny and I was about to lose it. So… I locked myself in the bathroom for two minutes, I sat in the fetal position and cried.

I got up after a few minutes, wiped away my tears, and unlocked the door a new Mama. It gave me the patience to deal with my 6 year olds meltdown about crayons not working properly (wtf?!) and my 2 year olds meltdown about the world not understanding her (it is difficult for both sides) and I made myself a tea. Proud AF of the fact that I didn’t completely lose my shit and that’s okay.

So… What are you waiting for? Lock yourself in the Bathroom

I don’t know if you do this but I often tell my kids to walk away from frustrating situations or take a break for a moment when you are overwhelmed. This is exactly what my Aunt was telling me to do years ago when I was first coming into the wonderful world of parent-hood! We all need a minute to breathe, cry, meditate or just eating a god damn candy alone! So from one Mom to another… Just lock yourself in the bathroom to avoid the Mama Meltdown. We all know we deserve it!

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