Genius Self Care Tips for Moms

We all know the deal, you pour a bubble bath, slap on a face mask, listen to a podcast, listen to music or catch up on that article you’ve been wanting to read…this is the life, bubbles and self care for you Mom… and your darling child wakes the fuck up. AHHH the frustration

But what if you could still do all these things. Let’s face it, we all know self care for Moms is extremely important. You need to care for yourself first before you can be the best Mama Bear you want to be

But How? My kiddos never leave my side!

There are a couple of options here that work for me at home. Let’s be clear here, it doesn’t mean you’re going to get a full spa day at home while the kids are playing like angels with toys (reality check; that never happens). Self care doesn’t mean an entire day dedicated to you, although that would be lovely. But there are ways to bring in some self care, teach you’re angels a well needed lesson, and possibly have 5 minutes of self care and family time.

Bring the kids in on the Self Care for Mom vibes

Why not get everyone in their bathing suits, hop in the bath tub and put on those face masks together? Sometimes the tiny humans need a break too and that’s great, chances are… they might actually enjoy it too.

My kids will start opening up to me more when we are doing something like a ‘mini spa day’ (aka, bubble bath with face masks, and painting our nails after). They might actually tell me how crazy school was that week, or finally spill the beans on what truly was bothering them that week.

If anything, you are showing your kiddos that taking a break to take care of yourself is just as important as doing their homework. Maybe it is something they will carry with them into adulthood and that is great news!

Dare I suggest… A movie!

Let us all take a deep breath… and put on a damn movie for the little devils. If you are stressed the f*ck out, running in a million different directions, and yelling at anything that moves (me.. I do this). Are you really the bestest Mama in the world right now? No…you are a stressed out, anxiety ridden hot mess and you need a freaking bubble bath okay?!

Switch it up a little

So this is a constant thing? Every single time you try to do anything (tweeze that unibrow you have going on, wax off that mustache, it ain’t pretty I am aware) the kids are interrupting you.

Try changing your timing. Do you have 10 minutes after the kids get on the bus and you leaving for work? Is bedtime a struggle? Or is it those crazy busy weekends? Try getting 5-10 minutes in here and there. Something as simple as painting your toes can really make you feel on top of the world. Or make an appointment after work one day, something close to school or work, where you can get a quick eyebrow wax or whatever tickles your fancy.

Whatever works for you then great! We all have different households and schedules and whatever helps you get some me time (or self care, whatever you want to call it) then keep doing it! Remember, you need to be your best self to properly take care of tiny humans.

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